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the northeast is bracing for a major winter storm while maryland is in for a winter mix. >> a major nor'easter is blasting of the new england coast line with up to 3 feet of snow in some areas. >> airlines are canceling hundreds of flights. according to cnn, nearly 3000 u.s. flights have been cancelled for friday and saturday. airlines are offering waivers. the expected snow and wind prompted amtrak to halt service between new york and boston friday afternoon. so far, the northeast corridor south of new york is not affected. >> left in look at the forecast -- to get a look at the forecast. >> the red shaded region from coast of maine to boston down to providence and into new york city, the area there, blizzard warning. that is where the worst of the storm will be tomorrow night
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into saturday morning. it has two parts. one coming up from the carolinas and the midwest. they will combine. it will brush past our area. the winter weather advisory in effect for rain, sleet, and snow tomorrow morning and perhaps more snow tomorrow night. more details coming up. > >> you can track the storms anywhere you are. our own and enjoy it aps. -- try our new iphone and android apps. >> embarrassing and expensive commission for st. joseph medical center. they submitted false claims to medicare and medicaid and admitted patients unnecessarily. the settlement is millions of dollars. >> we're talking about a settlement totaling $4.9 million. st. joseph medical center former
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parent company must now pay that to the feds after a hospital audit discovered the problem. in the summer of 2010, a routine compliance audit conducted by an outside firm revealed st. joseph medical center submitted false claims to medicare and medicaid and other federal health-care programs. the hospital voluntarily disclose the department of justice the results which showed from 2007-2009, the hospital admitted patients for short stays. but federal authorities say those days were long and the patient's medical condition warranted. that caused an overbilling for government health care reimbursement and hospital received more money than it should have. >> if somebody gives the medication you do not need and the bill the government for it, it is a false claim. the claim to the government includes a representation that service was necessary. >> the u.s. attorney alleges the
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hospital a intentionally over billed the government to make more money. st. joseph medical center. company at the time, catholic health initiatives, sent us this statement -- >> st. joseph medical center reached the agreement without meeting liability to avoid the expense and uncertainty of litigation. catholic health initiatives will pay the federal government 4.7 $5 million and $152,000 to the state of maryland, also party to the agreement. >> anne arundel county mother is charged with murdering her young daughter and then throwing away the child's body like it was trash. the 25-year-old told investigators she killed her 2- year-old daughter possibly by smuggling am her. she then put her child's body in the dumpster. police found a real car -- a
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rail car looking for the remains. the the the stabbing of a teenager in downtown baltimore. -- the fatal stabbing of a teenager in the downtown baltimore. police believe he got into a dispute after attending the ravens celebration was staffed. the suspect wore a long proposed research and a white hat. >> no charges will be filed against a city police officer who shot a mentally ill man last year. the decision -- use of force was justified when he shot the suspect in southwest baltimore. he was responding to a call for a man with a mental illness armed with a weapon when the man came charging toward his car with a knife. that is when murray fired five
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shots through his windshield. the suspect did survive. >> more about the death of an owings mills mother. an acquaintance of the victim, jeffrey michael shiflett, has been charged with murdering katie hadel. >> it is clear that katie hadel was afraid of jeffrey michael shiflett. she told police he made threatening phone calls. police picked up jeffrey michael shiflett wednesday morning when they spotted him walking along a road in right chester town. he went to katie hadel's apartment the night before and stopped her to death. >> forced entry into the home. we found the victim stabbed to death in her bedroom. there were two small children in the home as well. >> jeffrey michael shiflett is
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charged with first-degree murder. this is not his first contact with police. he was just released from prison in december. there were several warrants out for his arrest since then. katie hadel told police he threatened her many times. police came up with a plan meant to keep per se just five days before she was killed. according to investigators, she agreed to stay at her mother's home. >> police agreed to make regular stops several times a day to check in at the mother's house to make sure everything was ok. this is where we believe the victim was but without notifying police, she returned to her home with the suspect knew she lived. >> 11 news spoke with family members but they declined to talk on-camera. katie hadel les behind a 3-year- old daughter. the members tell us katie hadel listing with a mother but she
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got home to her apartment -- tell us katie hadel was staying with her other which she got home to her apartment. >> the controversial mta policy of recording conversations of bus passengers as coming under attack in annapolis. a bill prohibiting is under consideration. this is how it works -- a digital recorder is in place on buses. investigators can download the file for review. the state attorney general says the practice is constitutional but some legislators want to outlaw the policy. >> by getting on the bus, you are agreeing to being audio taped. to me, that as extortion. it is exporting poor people who do not have means to have. a have >> officials said they are not watching or listening in real time. the tapes are pooled for review
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only after a complaint is made or there has been a problem. >> a man had for a former los angeles police officer accused of a murderous rampage. authorities are calling him a threat to all law enforcement 's of a california. -- enforcement in california. >> this truck was found thursday afternoon in the mountain community of big bear, two hours outside of los angeles. police say it belongs to murder suspect christopher dorner,. . police is using all available manpower to hunt down the former police officer suspected of killing three and injuring two others. >> the is considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> the massive manhunt spanned across several southern california police jurisdictions. it began when he
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thought the manifesto online where he claimed he was treated unfairly when he was fired from the l.a. police department in 2008 for making false statements. >> he communicated his -- the people would come via a grievance were fair game -- the people with whom he had a grievance were fair game according to him. police said thursday morning he ambushed to riverside officers. and it was killed, the other injured. >> of course he knows what he is doing. we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary. >> dorner's police and military training have authorities on
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high alert, sticking no chances. >> we will find him. you cannot have all these people looking for you and not be found. >> more than 1000 officers have joined in the man at -- in the man hunt. >> the president's picked to lead the cia face some tough questions to date. lawmakers grilled john brennan over the administration's unmanned drone policy targeting american terrorist. he said drawn districts are only used as a deterrent against him and the terrorist threats -- he said drone attacks are only used as a deterrent against american terrorist threats. >> it stood at loyola university is hospitalized because of bacterial meningitis.
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>> baltimore city and county people can get their taxes done free. >> winter weather advisory. was a morning to the north. -- blizzard warning to the north.
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>> the case of bacterial meningitis at loyola -- at loyola university's night. an undergraduate did was diagnosed today and taken to hospital for treatment -- an undergraduate student was diagnosed a day and taken to
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hospital for treatment. this dude was listed in serious but stable condition. twitter -- the student was listed in serious but stable condition. twitter, facebook, youtube -- school officials believe it will serve as a vital tool to enhance education, communication and learning. it would prohibit communication between students and staff but the district says there is little doubt about how social media would benefit the classroom. >> we will look at unblocking social media sites to use them for instructional purposes. >> this is only the first reading on the social media policy. if it is approved by the school board, it would go on the books this fall. >> it is time to start thinking about filing taxes again. for some of the baltimore city and county, there is free help available.
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cash campaign provides tax preparation for the thousands of families in baltimore city and county for free. no hidden fees or strings attached. >> we provide free tax preparation for families of 2 or more who made the thousand dollars or less or for single filers who made $25,000 or less last year. but they both deserve a least 9000 families. -- >> they hope to serve at least 9000 families. >> received money back from that. if i did it by myself, i would not think to get my tax id from a day care provider and get every fund. twice this year at all locations, prepares our offer of assets and development component -- >> this yea at all locations,
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preparers are offering an asset and development component. >> the card can be utilized in case they have issues with not having a debit card to make purchases. >> the tax preparation is available at 15 locations. the cash campaign hopes to get the word out to families that they could be in for a sizable refund. >> there is an average about $40 million in unclaimed income taxes in -- $14 million in concretizes in baltimore alone. >> edt to make an appointment. it went on our website -- you do need to make an appointment.
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go to our web site, >> even tortoises need to find love. the music is billed by a record company at an attempt to put the reptiles in the mood to mate. they can live for more than 150 years. it snow sculpting competition in wisconsin. all created from cylinder shaped blocks of snow that or 9 feet high. >> now your 11 insta weather plus forecast.
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we will be on the edge of this system as it is developing. highs today, below normal. 37 degrees. the normal -- the morning low was also below normal. cloud cover is thickening over our area, preventing temperatures from dropping too much in the city. outlying suburbs, and number of locations are below freezing or near freezing. 29 at frostburg. chilly to the south and east but generally above freezing. our main threat for wintry weather, into southern pennsylvania. winter weather advisory and that affect their. harford county, howard, montgomery, baltimore, a winter
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weather in by azeri. potential for rain, sleet, snow mature during the morning rush hour tomorrow. these systems will not combine into one powerful storm until they get past us. the weather service issues the advisor. let mixture of rain, sleet, snow developing or night -- a light mixture of snow, rain, sleet and developing overnight. a different story was these two elements come together. one in georgia, one in the great lakes. it will be a powerful storm off the new england coast. this is the hard-hit area.
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they will measure the snow by the foot. a rain sleet snow mixture. they hit southern new income hard marmite. strong winds and snow continue in boston until saturday evening. but the snowfall amounts -- look at the snowfall amounts. maybe a few inches of snow here in central maryland tomorrow night. tomorrow, wintry mix in the morning. rain in the afternoon. back to snow after sunset. western maryland, wintry mix in the morning. gusty winds on saturday. eastern shore, the main threat, northern sections of queen
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anne's county and cecil county. most of rain and some flurries on saturday. ocean city gets soaking rain tomorrow. snow showers saturday morning. the storm will hit the beaches of strong winds on saturday. 37 saturday. temperatures below normal as the storm makes its way through. bouncing back to the 40's on sunday. >> tonight jay leno and jimmy fallon give us a rundown on what to expect. >> the beautiful actress amy adams. and adam corolla. tonight, al roker. a great show tonight after jay leno.
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plan onravens don't copying and pasting this season's roster of to next season. >> tonight's jackpot is estimated at $600,000. 8 and 35. 28, if no one matches all number, the jackpot climbs to six and a
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$25,000. -- $625,000.
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>> the ravens quarterback -- they know they will not get their free agents resigned. the head coach, president, outlined their approach to the future. it will not repeat the strategy of 2000 when the mortgage the future after the super bowl to try to keep the team together. some free agents will not return because the ravens cannot afford to keep them. consistency comes to depart by not thinking you can hold on to every player from the previous season. >> >> absolutely maybe. we have to work out. where and how long it takes.
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but i think he set himself apart in baltimore sports history and we will certainly look into it. i would not be surprised if there is one there in the next year or two. >> talking about free agents and a possible statute for ray lewis. he is now headed into retirement. the terps mens fast ball team is doing better in february. a win at virginia tech. beating them 60-55. terps looking strong throughout much of the game. eric green leading all scores in the lane for 2 of his 28 points. layman.
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drains it for 3. puts down the 3. the terps win it 60-55. nfl commissioner roger kodel has earned a record does -- has earned a reputation. he let the ringleader back into nfl. he reinstating greg williams to joint the titans as a defensive assistant. williams says he will live up to his words as a commissioner from non. the former safe defense accord it had an indefinite suspension. williams took ownership of his mistakes and now he has a second chance because of its. >> i take full responsibility
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and apologize for my previous actions. i have used this year to reorganize my life and put focus of positive energy and positive ways to inspire and motivate in this profession. >> he has grown a beard. >> and reorganize his life.
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>> blizzard in new england. from new york city through southern new england. we are on the southern edge of that. winter weather advisory tomorrow morning. rain in the afternoon. snow tomorrow night and saturday morning. if you are traveling north, do not. >> good idea. amtrak is shutting down service between new york and boston ver. >> the tonight show is next. the night. [captioning made possible by
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- oscar-nominated actress amy adams.

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